• Corinthas


    Old Cleric of St. Cuthbert
  • Dlyn Blackhammer

    Dlyn Blackhammer

    Professional at Rogue-Like-Activities
  • Dragon


    Uh...he's a green dragon
  • Fiddius Rogglenam

    Fiddius Rogglenam

    An inexperienced halfling cleric with a mild mistrust of the outdoors and who sees death as a temporary inconvenience.
  • Lieutenant Ruric

    Lieutenant Ruric

    Head of The Paladins in The Gap
  • Nackelnotten


    Eccentric paladin of Wee Jas' temple in the Gap
  • Queen Saphir Liadin

    Queen Saphir Liadin

    Saphir Liadin, Queen of the Elven city of Ethe’ron.
  • Sammael Abbot

    Sammael Abbot

    Short, wiry, and lithe. Dirty brown hair and blue eyes, permanent stubble.
  • shadow


    150 yr old gnome ranger
  • Varyan


    Guard captain of Picfird